Long time...

... no writing. But I had (and still have) lots of other things to do. Finishing my article for instance.

In the meantime I obtained lots of new trophies (finished cuboid with 100%, mhm! :) ); and more to come (ordered Dead Space and Killzone 2 CE yesterday...).

Concerning my new hobby (photography) I have to say, that I bought 2 new lenses for my D80, hell yeah!

That's all for now.

Boring, I know.



Without words...

Yesterday's Photos + New Design

Yo!Just found a new design for my blog which allows me posting my pictures in full size. It doesn't look as good as the last one, but that's not as important at the moment.Subsequent my pictures from yesterday:


Half an hour out with my girlfriend and my new D80

Actually I wanted to post my pictures here, but blogspot thwarts my plans (cuts off the pictures on the right edge), so I decided, to link them here... :(

Have fun (clicking)!


(I'll try tomorrow again, cause thats in fact no solution...)


Today morning I bought a Nikon D80 and I'm really happy bout this, mhm!

:) :) :) :) :) :)


New Achievements

Guitar Hero World Tour:

Yodeler - 5G
Inked - 5G
Rock Maiden - 5G
Stamp of Approval - 5G
Survival of the Fittest - 5G
A Pair Beats a Pair - 5G
Feeding the Beast - 5G

-> + 35 points, mhm! :)


The Bourne Conspiracy

Hm... Just played through the first 2 missions and I like it. Don't understand the 7.5 of ign though. Maybe I like it more cause I enjoyed the films. Maybe not. Whatever.

+ 40 achievement-points in 'The Bourne Conspiracy', what means my gamerscore stands at 40404 at the moment, hell yeah!


Good night!