Long time...

... no writing. But I had (and still have) lots of other things to do. Finishing my article for instance.

In the meantime I obtained lots of new trophies (finished cuboid with 100%, mhm! :) ); and more to come (ordered Dead Space and Killzone 2 CE yesterday...).

Concerning my new hobby (photography) I have to say, that I bought 2 new lenses for my D80, hell yeah!

That's all for now.

Boring, I know.



Without words...

Yesterday's Photos + New Design

Yo!Just found a new design for my blog which allows me posting my pictures in full size. It doesn't look as good as the last one, but that's not as important at the moment.Subsequent my pictures from yesterday:


Half an hour out with my girlfriend and my new D80

Actually I wanted to post my pictures here, but blogspot thwarts my plans (cuts off the pictures on the right edge), so I decided, to link them here... :(

Have fun (clicking)!


(I'll try tomorrow again, cause thats in fact no solution...)


Today morning I bought a Nikon D80 and I'm really happy bout this, mhm!

:) :) :) :) :) :)


New Achievements

Guitar Hero World Tour:

Yodeler - 5G
Inked - 5G
Rock Maiden - 5G
Stamp of Approval - 5G
Survival of the Fittest - 5G
A Pair Beats a Pair - 5G
Feeding the Beast - 5G

-> + 35 points, mhm! :)


The Bourne Conspiracy

Hm... Just played through the first 2 missions and I like it. Don't understand the 7.5 of ign though. Maybe I like it more cause I enjoyed the films. Maybe not. Whatever.

+ 40 achievement-points in 'The Bourne Conspiracy', what means my gamerscore stands at 40404 at the moment, hell yeah!


Good night!

Guitar Hero World Tour

Finally! I did it! I played through the career-mode (guitar) on hard difficulty, yesss! I really enjoyed it and btw got some achievement-points (yesss! again...).
All career long I thought of the difficulty-level of Guitar Hero 3 and I really appreciate that GHWT is a little bit easier, so it was no problem at all to finish it on hard. In GH3 I have still problems to do so...

I'm too lazy at the moment to list today's achievements with pictures, but altogether I gained:
+ 150 in 'Guitar Hero World Tour'
+ 20 in 'The Maw'
+ 50 in 'Pure'

This day brought me "The Bourne Conspiracy' for Xbox360 but had no time to test it out yet. But I will do so... just in about 2 hours or something. But before that I have to proceed with my article. Boooh!

Did I mention, that 'The Maw' is pretty cool? If you like JnRs, check it out!

Yesterday's Achievements

The Maw:

All Growed Up (10G)


Finished an event (5G)

1 of a kind (5G)

summa sumarum: +20 G


Transformers, Pure and Starmania

Just watched 'Transformers' on Blu-Ray. The film is pretty cool. If you like non-stop action. If you don't, you suck. And, uhm, thinking about the technical aspect I have to say: it's really nuts! The film is a little bit too long, but seems to be a trend in "new" films.
Today I was on a short shopping tour. I purchased 'Pure' (Xbox360) and 'Planet Terror' on DVD. On DVD, cause the BD is too high-priced; and the DVD is packed in a neat steelbook (for my collection).
And I downloaded 'The Maw' on Xbox360. Read, that this would be a great game and I like the style. Anyhow, there's a lack in jump 'n runs on this gen's consoles. So I decided to load the demo for a later purchase. Yeah.

Now I have to stop wirting. On the one hand, I currently ran out of steam, and on the other the grande finale of 'Starmania' is about to begin.



... I revived my xbox and got 1 (wow... I know) achievement:

I rocked out as Jimi Hendrix

It's just worth 10 points of gamerscore, but at least it is a boost :)

btw: It's frightfully boring and I hate my job.


New Trophies 25.01.2009

Just got 3 trophies in Crash Commando :)

WEAPONS 101 (Bronze Trophy)
BOOT CAMP BEAST (Silver Trophy)

current level: 6
current trophies: 195

But now it is time for me to continue writing. Oh yeah.

I'm tired...

... of having no chance to sleep. And I am tired. Thanks to my male cat bowser (look, how sweet he was when he was a little baby-bowser!) - named after THE bad guy in Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. - i suffer from sleep deprivation. I don't know what to do with him. I think, he's bored. Every night between 3:00 and 6:00. My other cat is sleeping all night long. Like i thought cats do. But apparently I was wrong. As wrong as one can be. But I was not wrong with the naming (at that time certainly not thinking that his name could ever be desribing his personality though). Sometimes, I really hate him. By night, when I have to stand up about all 2-3 minutes. I hope, someone from this forum can help me... :/

Btw: I got my first trophy in Crash Commando yesterday. But in actual fact, it was way too easy. Compete in 1 (!!!) objective multiplayer game. Har har! But anyway... I got it and this one took me to level 6, yeah!

And now, I'll have goulash for "breakfast". Not really breakfast, because I had my cigarettes and soja-milk, but it's my first eating today. Interesting, huh?



I think I should do something else...

... but I don't want to. Writing is good. But not today. Damn article. Don't misunderstand me: i like to write. I see this article as great opportunity for me and my occupational career as academic. But not today. Not anymore.

Anyway, this is my new blog. I've nothing on tonight, so I clinched to start a blog. Here. About my (btw. very interesting) life.

But i have to leave though. Gotta achieve the rank of lieutenant in Resistance 2 for the trophy. And afterwards Terminator 2 on blu-ray has to be watched. I like this film. And I like this orange-peach-passion juice from Bravo. Hell, yeah!