The Bourne Conspiracy

Hm... Just played through the first 2 missions and I like it. Don't understand the 7.5 of ign though. Maybe I like it more cause I enjoyed the films. Maybe not. Whatever.

+ 40 achievement-points in 'The Bourne Conspiracy', what means my gamerscore stands at 40404 at the moment, hell yeah!


Good night!

Guitar Hero World Tour

Finally! I did it! I played through the career-mode (guitar) on hard difficulty, yesss! I really enjoyed it and btw got some achievement-points (yesss! again...).
All career long I thought of the difficulty-level of Guitar Hero 3 and I really appreciate that GHWT is a little bit easier, so it was no problem at all to finish it on hard. In GH3 I have still problems to do so...

I'm too lazy at the moment to list today's achievements with pictures, but altogether I gained:
+ 150 in 'Guitar Hero World Tour'
+ 20 in 'The Maw'
+ 50 in 'Pure'

This day brought me "The Bourne Conspiracy' for Xbox360 but had no time to test it out yet. But I will do so... just in about 2 hours or something. But before that I have to proceed with my article. Boooh!

Did I mention, that 'The Maw' is pretty cool? If you like JnRs, check it out!

Yesterday's Achievements

The Maw:

All Growed Up (10G)


Finished an event (5G)

1 of a kind (5G)

summa sumarum: +20 G


Transformers, Pure and Starmania

Just watched 'Transformers' on Blu-Ray. The film is pretty cool. If you like non-stop action. If you don't, you suck. And, uhm, thinking about the technical aspect I have to say: it's really nuts! The film is a little bit too long, but seems to be a trend in "new" films.
Today I was on a short shopping tour. I purchased 'Pure' (Xbox360) and 'Planet Terror' on DVD. On DVD, cause the BD is too high-priced; and the DVD is packed in a neat steelbook (for my collection).
And I downloaded 'The Maw' on Xbox360. Read, that this would be a great game and I like the style. Anyhow, there's a lack in jump 'n runs on this gen's consoles. So I decided to load the demo for a later purchase. Yeah.

Now I have to stop wirting. On the one hand, I currently ran out of steam, and on the other the grande finale of 'Starmania' is about to begin.



... I revived my xbox and got 1 (wow... I know) achievement:

I rocked out as Jimi Hendrix

It's just worth 10 points of gamerscore, but at least it is a boost :)

btw: It's frightfully boring and I hate my job.


New Trophies 25.01.2009

Just got 3 trophies in Crash Commando :)

WEAPONS 101 (Bronze Trophy)
BOOT CAMP BEAST (Silver Trophy)

current level: 6
current trophies: 195

But now it is time for me to continue writing. Oh yeah.

I'm tired...

... of having no chance to sleep. And I am tired. Thanks to my male cat bowser (look, how sweet he was when he was a little baby-bowser!) - named after THE bad guy in Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. - i suffer from sleep deprivation. I don't know what to do with him. I think, he's bored. Every night between 3:00 and 6:00. My other cat is sleeping all night long. Like i thought cats do. But apparently I was wrong. As wrong as one can be. But I was not wrong with the naming (at that time certainly not thinking that his name could ever be desribing his personality though). Sometimes, I really hate him. By night, when I have to stand up about all 2-3 minutes. I hope, someone from this forum can help me... :/

Btw: I got my first trophy in Crash Commando yesterday. But in actual fact, it was way too easy. Compete in 1 (!!!) objective multiplayer game. Har har! But anyway... I got it and this one took me to level 6, yeah!

And now, I'll have goulash for "breakfast". Not really breakfast, because I had my cigarettes and soja-milk, but it's my first eating today. Interesting, huh?



I think I should do something else...

... but I don't want to. Writing is good. But not today. Damn article. Don't misunderstand me: i like to write. I see this article as great opportunity for me and my occupational career as academic. But not today. Not anymore.

Anyway, this is my new blog. I've nothing on tonight, so I clinched to start a blog. Here. About my (btw. very interesting) life.

But i have to leave though. Gotta achieve the rank of lieutenant in Resistance 2 for the trophy. And afterwards Terminator 2 on blu-ray has to be watched. I like this film. And I like this orange-peach-passion juice from Bravo. Hell, yeah!