Transformers, Pure and Starmania

Just watched 'Transformers' on Blu-Ray. The film is pretty cool. If you like non-stop action. If you don't, you suck. And, uhm, thinking about the technical aspect I have to say: it's really nuts! The film is a little bit too long, but seems to be a trend in "new" films.
Today I was on a short shopping tour. I purchased 'Pure' (Xbox360) and 'Planet Terror' on DVD. On DVD, cause the BD is too high-priced; and the DVD is packed in a neat steelbook (for my collection).
And I downloaded 'The Maw' on Xbox360. Read, that this would be a great game and I like the style. Anyhow, there's a lack in jump 'n runs on this gen's consoles. So I decided to load the demo for a later purchase. Yeah.

Now I have to stop wirting. On the one hand, I currently ran out of steam, and on the other the grande finale of 'Starmania' is about to begin.

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