I'm tired...

... of having no chance to sleep. And I am tired. Thanks to my male cat bowser (look, how sweet he was when he was a little baby-bowser!) - named after THE bad guy in Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. - i suffer from sleep deprivation. I don't know what to do with him. I think, he's bored. Every night between 3:00 and 6:00. My other cat is sleeping all night long. Like i thought cats do. But apparently I was wrong. As wrong as one can be. But I was not wrong with the naming (at that time certainly not thinking that his name could ever be desribing his personality though). Sometimes, I really hate him. By night, when I have to stand up about all 2-3 minutes. I hope, someone from this forum can help me... :/

Btw: I got my first trophy in Crash Commando yesterday. But in actual fact, it was way too easy. Compete in 1 (!!!) objective multiplayer game. Har har! But anyway... I got it and this one took me to level 6, yeah!

And now, I'll have goulash for "breakfast". Not really breakfast, because I had my cigarettes and soja-milk, but it's my first eating today. Interesting, huh?


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