Guitar Hero World Tour

Finally! I did it! I played through the career-mode (guitar) on hard difficulty, yesss! I really enjoyed it and btw got some achievement-points (yesss! again...).
All career long I thought of the difficulty-level of Guitar Hero 3 and I really appreciate that GHWT is a little bit easier, so it was no problem at all to finish it on hard. In GH3 I have still problems to do so...

I'm too lazy at the moment to list today's achievements with pictures, but altogether I gained:
+ 150 in 'Guitar Hero World Tour'
+ 20 in 'The Maw'
+ 50 in 'Pure'

This day brought me "The Bourne Conspiracy' for Xbox360 but had no time to test it out yet. But I will do so... just in about 2 hours or something. But before that I have to proceed with my article. Boooh!

Did I mention, that 'The Maw' is pretty cool? If you like JnRs, check it out!

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